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Astrology readings reveal the fulfilling life you are meant to live

As a Certified Astrologer, practical intuitive, author and speaker, it is my deepest joy to provide you with astrological and spiritual guidance so you can move forward with confidence through uncertainty and let go of fear. Let me help you move past challenges to a self-designed life of love, joy and fulfillment.

Identify your unique gifts and opportunities with a Birth Chart and Year Ahead Forecast Astrology Reading

The Birth Chart and Year Ahead Forecast astrology reading will give you insight into your unique gifts and challenges as well as provide a map of the opportunities ahead by offering guidance for your career, relationship, life purpose and more.

Improve Harmony with a Relationship Compatibility Astrology Reading

The Relationship Compatibility astrology reading provides a deeper awareness of the strengths and differences in a relationship by comparing two birth charts and offers insights for improving harmony through mutual understand.

Parents seeking to encourage their child’s highest potential learn in a Child’s Birth Chart astrology reading about the child’s natural character, urge for self-expression, sensitivity to criticism, and more.

Are you considering a major decision (e.g. marriage, business launch, or move)? An Optimum Timing astrology consultation will help you maximize your potential for success and happiness by selecting the best date and time for any endeavor.

Dianne Eppler Adams, Certified Astrological Professional